About Teacher Yuki



मेरा नाम युकी है। मैं जापानी भाषा सिखाती हूँ। क्या आप जापानी सीखना चाहते हैं ?

Hello. My name is Yuki. I teach Japanese language. Would you like to learn Japanese?


I live in Bodhgaya, in India for 22 years since 1998. 

My husband is an Indian.

We run 2 hotels and 1 free school for village children.

The school name is Surya Bharti School, it is in Bodhgaya. The school has been almost 19 years since 2001 when we established it. 

I speak Japanese(mother language), Hindi, and English.

I have been teaching Japanese language since 2006.

I teach Japanese in Hindi.

Please call me Yuki sensei!

I have a certificate of "The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test" by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.